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Orcrist #7

Special Issue on the Medieval Tradition in Modern Literature
  • Richard C. West, ed.
  • Art Editor: Ivor A. Rogers
  • 1973

front cover: untitled -- M. Cannito

Dedication: For Carl Carroll: un homme tant preux que nus plus

  • "Songs of Gurre" -- Jens Peter Jacobsen, translated from the Danish by Poul Anderson (pp. 4-7)
  • "No Man Can Escape His Weird" -- Sandra Miesel (pp. 9-12) [mostly on Poul Anderson's The Broken Sword]
  • "Malory and T. H. White" -- Richard C. West (pp. 13-15)
  • "Moot Point" (p. 15) [letters from Tim Kirk (30 April 1972) and Eugene Vinaver (12 May 1972) ]
  • "Tolkien's Creative Technique: Beowulf and The Hobbit" -- Bonniejean Christensen (pp. 16-20)
  • "Farmer Giles of Ham: What Is It?" -- J. A. Johnson (pp. 21-24)
  • "Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain and the Welsh Tradition" -- Elizabeth Lane (pp. 25-29)
  • "In Review" (p. 29)
    • "Solid Gold Guide" : Robert Foster, A Guide to Middle-earth (Mirage Press, 1971) -- reviewed by Deborah Rogers
    • "Brief Mentions" by Richard West of:
      • James D. Allan, A Glossary of the Eldarin Tongues (self-published, 1972)
      • Thomas D. Clareson, ed. SF: The Other Side of Realism (Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1971)
      • Charles H. Huttar, ed. Imagination and the Spirit: Essays in Literature and the Christian Faith presented to Clyde S. Kilby (Eerdmans, 1971)
      • Carolyn Keefe, ed. C. S. Lewis: Speaker and Teacher (Zondervan, 1971)
      • C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics, ed. Walter Hooper (Eerdmans, 1970)
      • Sam J. Lundwall, Science Fiction: What It's All About (Ace, 1971)
      • Jeremy Potter, A Trail of Blood (McCall, 1971)
      • William Ready, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit Notes (Coles Publishing Co., Ltd., 1971)
      • R. J. Reilly, Romantic Religion: A Study of Barfield, Lewis, Williams, and Tolkien (University of Georgia Press, 1971)
      • Mary Stewart, The Crystal Cave (Morrow, 1970)
      • Gunnar Urang, Shadows of Heaven: Religion and Fantasy in the Writing of C. S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and J. R. R. Tolkien (Pilgrim Press, 1971)
  • "On The Hunting of the Snark as a Romantic Ballad" -- J. R. Christopher (pp. 30-32)
  • Verse: L. Sprague de Camp (p. 12); William Linden (pp. 12, 15); John and Kathryn Lindskoog (p. 3); William F. Orr (p. 12); Deborah Webster Rogers (p. 24)

Back cover: untitled [toad and toadstool] illustration by M. Cannito

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