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SEVEN, Vol. 5

  • "Tribute to John Sullivan KSG" by Aidan Mackey
  • "The Psychology of the Self in MacDonald's Phantastes" by Max Keith Sutton
  • "World's Apart: the Importance of Double Vision for MacDonald Criticism" by Kathy Triggs
  • "Postscript: A. Reply" by David Holbrook
  • "Charles Williams and Thomas Cranmer at Canterbury" by James G. Dixon
  • "Tolkien's Platonic Fantasy" by John Cox
  • "The Detective Fiction of Dorothy L. Sayers: a Source for the Social Historian?" by Philip L. Scowcroft
  • "Jack the Giant-Killer" by A. D. Nuttall
  • "C. S. Lewis and T. D. Weldon" by Martin Moynihan
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