A Middle-earth Traveller: Sketches from Bag End to Mordor
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Lady Galadriel

  • Item No. 9423
  • Limited Edition of 2,000
  • $60 retail
  • 8" H
  • 3 pounds

"Tall, wise and beautiful, the Lady Galadriel was the last of the great Elves of old to linger in Middle-earth. Blessed with great foresight, her counsel and safe shelter were sought by the Fellowship on their journey. Her haven-home, the forest kingdom of Lothlórien, afforded them an all too brief respite from their perilous quest.

The essence of Galadriel is brilliantly captured in this 1:4 scale bust. Galadriel has been hand cast in heavy weight polystone and hand painted to the highest standards. She sits on a classically turned base that includes her full name and the sculptor's signature." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

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