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The Ambitions of Grishnakh

  • Item No. 1513
  • Medallion no. 10
  • Limited Edition of 1000
  • $25 retail
  • Artist: Gino Acevedo
  • 6" diameter
  • 2 pounds

"A cruel-spirited Orc from Mordor, Grishnákh was the leader of a group of Sauron’s minions sent abroad to track down the bearers of the One Ring for their master. Joining a troop of Uruk-hai in the service of the Wizard Saruman, Grishnákh was quick to see the possibility of his own advancement and begrudged the self-appointed leadership of the Uruk captain, Uglúk. The deceitful Orc sought to sneak away Merry and Pippin, whom Uglúk’s group had captured, and make his own the Ring he believed they carried.

The Lord of the Rings Medallions (16 in all) represent the very best in low-relief artistry. The Medallions were originally crafted in New Zealand by the same artisans at Weta Workshop that have worked on all three films in the epic trilogy. Those artisans created a beautiful range of Medallions that capture a moment of what you will see on each film. Presented with an aged bronze patina, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, these medallions measure approximately 6" (diameter) and some are limited to 1,000 pcs. per release." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

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