The Hobbit (Graphic Novel): An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic
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The Birth of the Uruk-hai

  • Item No. 1505
  • Medallion no. 5
  • Limited Edition of 10,000
  • $25 retail
  • 6" diameter
  • 2 pounds

"In his quest to amass a secret army, the wizard Saruman bred beneath his tower a foul new kind of terror. Quick to mature, strong of limb and will, and unafraid of the light, these new Orcs were the fearsome Uruk-hai. Saruman's lesser Orc minions were charged with raising the new-born Uruk-hai, and made use of this opportunity to abuse and torment them, until such time as the Uruks rose against them and fought back.

The Lord of the Rings Medallions (16 in all) represent the very best in low-relief artistry. The Medallions were originally crafted in New Zealand by the same artisans at Weta Workshop that have worked on all three films in the epic trilogy. Those artisans created a beautiful range of Medallions that capture a moment of what you will see on each film. Presented with an aged bronze patina, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, these medallions measure approximately 6" (diameter) and are limited to 10,000 pcs. per release." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

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