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Ted Nasmith

Under Construction Ted Nasmith's official webpage Notations:
  • (C) - art appears on front cover
  • (S) - art appears on spine
  • (R) - art appears on rear cover
Illustration Title 1998 2004 2008 2021 Not Included
Maglor casts a Silmaril into the Sea X
The Sea X X X    
The Lamp of the Valar X X      
At Lake Cuivienen X X      
The Light of the Valinor on the Western Sea X X X    
Fingolfin Leads the host Across the Helcaraxre X X X    
The First Dawn of the Sun X X      
Maedhros's Rescue From Thangorodrim X X      
Eoel Welcomes Aredhel X X      
Felagund Among Beor's Men X X      
By Moonlight in Neldoreth Forest X X X    
Luthien Escapes Upon Huan X X X    
Morgoth Punishes Hurin X X      
Turin and his band are led to Amon Rudh X X X    
Finduilas is Led past Turin at the Sack of Nargothrond X X      
Ulmo Appears before Tuor X X      
Earendil the Mariner X X      
The Eagles of Manwe X X      
The Ships of the Faithful X X X
Beren and Luthien are flown to safety (R) X      
Aule Prepares to Destroy His Children   X      
The Ships of the Teleri Drawn by Swans   X      
The Kinslaying of Alqualonde   X      
The Burning of the Ships   X
The Gates of Sirion   X X    
Eol is Led to the Walls   X      
Fingolfin's Wrath   X      
The Orc-Host is Ambushed in Brethil   X X    
Tarn Aeluin   X      
Transformd   X      
Huan's Leap   X      
The Hill of Slain   X X    
Saeros' Fatal Leap   X      
Beleg is Slain   X      
Turin Bears Gwindor to Safety   X      
Turin Reaches the Abandoned Homestead   X X    
Up the Rainy Stair   X
Hurin Finds Morwen   X      
Tuor Follows the Swans to Vinyamar   X X    
Tuor and Voronwe see Turin at the Pools of Ivrin   X X    
The Escape From Gondolin   X      
White Shaps From Valinor   X
Tar-Miriel and the Great Wave   X      
The Forging of the One   X      
The White Tree   X      
Luthien         X
Tuor Reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin         X
Morgoth and the High King of Noldor         X
Earendil Searches Tirion         X
Luthien Escapes the Treehouse         X
The Slaying of Glaurung         X
The Incoming Sea at the Rainbow Cleft         X
Fingon and Gothmog         X
AuelE and the Seven Fathers         X
The Nauglamir         X
Tinuviel Reborn         X
Lake Helevorn         X
Aredhel, the White Lady         X
Tuor at Vinyamar         X
Turgon at Fingolfin's Cairn         X
Taniquetil         X
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