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TCG Letter #1260

Rayner Unwin
Pauline Baynes
9 August 1971
Typed Letter Signed
Rayner Unwin has sent via Joy Hill blowups from the The Lord of the Rings of area the There and Back Again map would need to cover. It has much some details that have nothing to with The Hobbit and place names that should have most emphasis are those on the map in that work, but there is also a map of the Shire in The Fellowship of the Ring.

He has discussed the title with Tolkien and, if can fit in, There and Back Again: A Map of Bilbo’s Journey Through Eriador and Rhovanion seems most appropriate. Tolkien is pleased about the project and would like to see it ‘before absolute finality’. He also seemed keen to have a visit from Pauline and Fritz.

Pauline is to alert Rayner if there are any discrepancies between various maps and adds that she should leave some space at the bottom for the bibliography.
The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide - Chronology (2017), p. 793 (see entries for 5 August and 11 August)
Pauline noted various Tolkien related activities in her diary around this time: 1 February, 1971: Joy phoned about the Tolkien map and the possibility that [Sebuty?] would print it. - 5 February, 1971: Joy Hill phoned to say that the Tolkiens had one of my cards framed for her!. - 28 March, 1971: met Joy Hill off the train. - 29 July, 1971: spent the day reading “The Hobbit”. - 31 July, 1971: I went on reading “The Hobbit”. - 3 August, 1971: Joy (already waiting) took me to Allen and Unwin – chat about the Hobbit map with Rayner and then with three people from teacloths and Liberty. - 9 August, 1971: Waiting for the map to arrive to start talking [?Tolkien] Hobbit post[?er CS] – so just did some reading and then went and fetched it from Mrs Barnes who brought it home to Haslemere with her at the station. - 10 August, 1971: Then drew – tracing off the Tolkien poster map.

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