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TCG Letter #1358

Sir Lionel Whitby
J.R.R. Tolkien
Autograph Letter Signed
No details of this letter are known beyond the auction details.

Phillips, Oxford, from 20 October 1988: ALS from Sir Lionel Whitby, Master of Downing College to Tolkien, 1950,
and a number of signed pamphlets, etc. estimate £20–30.

Maggs Bros. Ltd. 1991a/b: [383] WILSON (R.M.) TLS to Prof. Tolkien. 2pp. with c. 30pp carbon typescript of his analysis of the prose language of Chaucer’s Equatorie. See under Price for the article which stimulated this. Sheffield, 1953. (Maggs Bros. Ltd. 1991b, 27)

Sotherby's, 1995: 356 TOLKIEN (J.R.R.) A COLLECTION OF PHILIOLOGICAL (sic) AND LITERARY OFFPRINTS FROM THE AUTHOR’S WORKING LIBRARY, all with Tolkien’s library label, a large number inscribed to him by respective authors (including A.C. Baugh, A.J. Bliss, Norman Davis, Henry Sweet, C.L. Wrenn and others), 56 WORKS ADDITIONALLY
ANNOTATED BY TOLKIEN, a total of 392 offprints, 1883 to 1972 [chiefly 1940s and 1950s]
The varied subject matter chiefly concerns philological problems of Early and Middle English, with many references to the extant texts, many (including Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, etc) re-edited and re-translated by Tolkien himself. Pamphlets such as H.E. Allen’s Influence of Superstition on Vocabulary (1935) and R.G. Haliburton’s Survival of Dwarf Races in the New World (1894) can be seen to relate not only to Tolkien’s
academic work, but also to his popular fiction.12 £1,000–1,500 (Sotheby’s 1995, unpaginated)

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