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TCG Letter #1577

Christopher Wiseman
J.R.R. Tolkien
18 January 1917
Wiseman apologizes for his not writing sooner, he says that he had been trying, and this was the fifth attempt. He remarks that he is happy that Tolkien is ill again, for it keeps him away from France. Wiseman notes that Tolkien is right, "it is you and I now...".

He understands that R.W. Reynolds has been in touch about publishing Smith's poetry, noting that he does not believe that Reynolds would do the man justice; "as a poet" yes, but "not a man...". He asks if Tolkien can do anything to help matters along.

Wiseman then mentions Smith's poems, remarking that his last were not his best but should be included in a collection, asking Tolkien to send hima copy of 'The Burial of Sophocles' as he is eyt to read it.

He encloses Tolkien's poems with comments added on a seperate piece of paper. Among them is Tinfang Warble. Wiseman closes with a remark that Tolkien should begin "the epic".

This letter is found among the 'Tolkien Papers, Bodleian Library, Oxford'.
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