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TCG Letter #1701

J.R.R. Tolkien
Robert Chapman
25 October 1932
Tolkien writes to Robert Chapman saying that he must finish the Clarendon Chaucer or else he will lose his good will with the Clarendon Press.

Tolkien says that the glossary has been written and corrected, but that it is yet to be collated with the notes, which are genrally completed minus the Prologue to the Cantebury Tales and Monk's Tale, which is too long. He says that once he has completed the Clarendon Chaucer, he would like to work on other books. He has worked on the Old English matter of Finn and Hengest, but it is as yet not ready for publication. He makes the suggestion of a prose translation of Beowulf, including material on Old English verse, notes on the complicated matters from the text. He says that there is a need for editions of Elene and Exodus which he has commentaries on for both.

This letter is held at the Oxford University Press archives.
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