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TCG Letter #1839

Stanley Unwin
J.R.R. Tolkien
2 December 1936
Autograph Document Signed
Stanley Unwin sends to Tolkien the contract duplicate. This is noted by Hammond/Scull as the final step for accepting the Hobbit for publication and on the proposed revised edition of Clark Hall's Beowulf volume. The Hobbit will be published on 21 September 1937.

Susan Dagnall had visited Tolkien the previous weekend, 28 November, and most certainly discussed the Hobbit. If they do, it is likely that Tolkien sees a specimen page of the book to which he suggests changes. It is further possible that he gives her illustrations for the Hobbit.See reference for details[1]

Tolkien hands over Farmer Giles of Ham and Roverandom for consideration. Allen & Unwin had asked to see any other chiildrens books that Tolkien had written. Also provided is his translation of Pearl.

Tolkien promises to speak to C.S. Lewis about a lecture series which GA&U might wish to publish.

1 See reference for details
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