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TCG Letter #1848

Susan Dagnall
J.R.R. Tolkien
1 February 1937
Manuscript/Proof Document
Susan Dagnall writes to Tolkien, correcting a misstatement in her previous letter Letter from Susan Dagnall to J.R.R. Tolkien • 23 January 1937 (#1846)[1] . Thror's Map will have to be used as an endpaper due to costs, but notes that the runes will be printed to not appear "so blatantly on the front". The defects on Mirkwood and Wilderland will be corrected. The letter also includes proofs of four drawings. Dagnall mentions that the fifth and six drawings might be squeezed in at the ends of chapters.

Se mentions that originally Allen & Uwnin had no budget for illustrations, but they were so "charming" they just had to include them.

The letter is held at the Tolkien–George Allen & Unwin archive, at HarperCollins.
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