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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #221?)

TCG Letter #221 / Carpenter Letter #96

J.R.R. Tolkien
Christopher Tolkien
30 January 1945
Tolkien met Lewis at the Mitre for warmth and beer, where he received a telephone call informing him that Professor H.C. Wyld had died. This left Tolkien with many troubles, such as thinking about who would succeed him.

Tolkien considered Eden, Tolkien believed that there would be a "millennium", the thousand-year rule of the Saints, those who had never bowed to the world or the evil spirit (which in modern terms included mechanism, "scientific" materialism, and Socialism). Tolkien was happy that his son felt that "the Ring" was keeping up its standard.

The just-received news that the Russians were 60 miles from Berlin made it look as if something decisive would happen soon. Tolkien mourned the appalling destruction and misery, the destroying of the commonwealth of Europe.

In the revised 2023 edition of Letters, Tolkien recounts a brief anecdote about a cold he had, and a frozen cistern he had to fix.
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Error in hardcover and Kindle editions: convened > converted p. 159
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Fæder his suna (Father to Son. FS) No. 78

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