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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #353?)

TCG Letter #353 / Carpenter Letter #137

J.R.R. Tolkien
Rayner Unwin
11 April 1953
Tolkien had meant to write to Rayner sooner and apologized that it was already eleven days into April. At last Tolkien had completed Part I of The Lord of the Rings (which he called "The Return of the Shadow" containing Books I and II) and would send the manuscripts quickly. Included would be the original Foreword. Tolkien believed that he would not "make such heavy weather" of the remaining work. The first two books had been written long ago, often altered, and needed much attention.

Having forgotten the matter of Publicity he asked Rayner to apologize to the Department for him. He tried to do something, produced about 300 words of text, and was including it too. He had also solicited a blurb from his friend, George Sayer, the most normal reader and liker of his work he knew, and he had provided a piece of 95 words.

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