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TCG Letter #396

Julian S. Huxley
J.R.R. Tolkien
31 May 1951
Autograph Note
Julien S. Huxley sends a short note to Tolkien saying he will be in the country for the next meeting of the Ad Eundem Dinner, of which Tolkien attends on 2nd June 1951.

Details were sparse regarding this dinner and only a brief mention was made in The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide until a small collection of papers was made available for sale (since removed) giving some minor details. Though the written sheet said to be written by Tolkien was in fact not. More can be seen at ... wtopic.php?topic_id=3891.

The Ad Eundem Dinner was a inter-university gathering between Oxford and Cambridge University members.

Sir Julian Sorrell Huxley was a biologist, director of UNESCO upon its foundation, a founding member of the World Wildlife Fund, and an important name in the area we now know as PlannedParenthood. He was an early speaker at environmental forums and raised the issue of over-population much earlier than the leading enviromentalists known today.

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