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To Przemyslaw Mroczkowski

J.R.R. Tolkien
Przemyslaw Mroczkowski
20-26 January 1964
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A reply to a sympathetic letter of Professor Przemyslaw Mroczkowski in Kraków. Tolkien hopes that his friend has recovered from an operation, though Tolkien notes that he has said very little about himself. Tolkien says that he is "remembered daily". The letter he recieved had taken a long time to arrive and 1964 has "begun evilly"

"The loss reached for me its climax on Nov. 22nd" when his dear friend C.S. Lewis had died. Tolkien notes that "not for me the day Kennedy was murdered". He had seen Lewis on his death bed in June, "but he recovered", but his end came suddenly.

Tolkien and Edith have both been ill and Tolkien also mentions some other distressing family matters.

Excerpts and pictures of the letter were published in Christie's Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts 1 June 2009 and Christie's Valuable and Important Books and Manuscripts from the Library of Edward R. Leahy 6 October 2022.

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