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TCG Letter #918

J.R.R. Tolkien
Pauline Baynes
28 August 1969
Autograph Letter Signed
Tolkien writes with remarks about Pauline Baynes' Middle-earth poster, mentioning that he thinks the only error on the printed map is Enedwaith for Enedhwaith, and Kiril should be spelt Ciril. He lists the river names in Gondor, he also notes that ‘Lefnui’ is wrongly placed and should be closer to the river. He will give Baynes some extra names to enter on the map.

See also Letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Pauline Baynes • 1 October 1969 (#919)
Pauline and Fritz (her husband) met with the Tolkien's on 21 August which she noted in her diary, "....Fritz and I off to Bournemouth to Miramar Hotel to lunch with Prof and Mrs Tolkien – then back to their bungalow to chat about the poster map I have to do – and he very uncooperative...!
The excerpt found in Chronology (see ref) is the only published quote from the letter.

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