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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #97?)

TCG Letter #97 / Carpenter Letter #63

J.R.R. Tolkien
Christopher Tolkien
24 April 1944
Tolkien had had the uncommon luxury of lying a-bed with toast, home-made marmalade, and Christopher's recent letter. He had gotten only broken sleep due to the air raid sirens and then awoke to do odd jobs. He had not had a taste of beer since Thursday.

Resuming the letter on 26 April, Tolkien reported doing some executor's business, gave a poor lecture, saw the Lewises and Charles Williams, mowed lawns, wrote letters, and struggled with "The Ring". He needed to know how much later the moon rises each night when near full and how to stew a rabbit. After a record-setting short college meeting he had to deal with one of his hens.

Christopher had reported an account of a journey to Johannesburg which Tolkien found amusing. If Christopher went to Bloemfontein Tolkien wondered if his birthplace was still standing. He also wondered if his father’s grave was still there.
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Cartas de J.R.R. Tolkien, pp. 120-2, p. 624 (notas de Carpenter)
Fæder his suna (Father to Son. FS) No. 19
Error in hardcover and Kindle editions: cliche > cliché p. 109

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