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3 January 1967
Edith Tolkien to Pamela Chandler

Edith writes thanking Pamela Chandler for writing. It is the Professors 75th birthday and he has received many cards, letters, and telegrams. Chandler h...
5 January 1967
J.R.R. Tolkien to Joy Hill

Joy has sent Tolkien a copy of The Childrens Treasury of Literature, which includes a chapter from The Hobbit.
2 February 1967
J.R.R. Tolkien to William Ready

Writing to Willaim Ready, Tolkien states that he does not like being written about and will not provide information on his family and origins. He asks R...
1 March 1967
Christopher Tolkien to William Ready

Christopher explains the origin of the Tolkien name to William Ready, and gives a brief account of his siblings and himself. Readys book was challenged ...
5 June 1967
Priscilla Tolkien to Pamela Chandler

Priscilla Tolkien writes to Pamela Chandler confirming that she would be delighted to see her for lunch. She gives directions and mentions that her brot...
17 June 1967
Priscilla Tolkien to Pamela Chandler

Priscilla writes thanking Pamela for her letter and mentions how lovely it was to see her. She offers a bed in future if she would like to stay.
?Late Summer 1967
J.R.R. Tolkien to Clyde S. kilby

In his letter of late November, Tolkien says that he had begun a letter some time ago, but this had never been finished and remained unsent. Tolkien inc...
25 October 1967
Edith Tolkien to Pamela Chandler

Edith apologises for taking so long to reply but Tolkien has been very ill with a virus. he remains in bed. She remarks that she would like six of the s...
18 November 1967
Edith Tolkien to Pamela Chandler

Edith thanks Pamela for her letter and remarks that she is happy that she is busy and has plenty of work. Tolkien, with much care is feeling much better...
24 November 1967
J.R.R. Tolkien to Miss [Karen C.] Walker

Tolkien writes about the writers grandfather, Paul Barbier. The address is incorrect on this letter, it should be Grosmont Haggs not Grosmont Maggs.
29 November 1967
Edith Tolkien to Mollie Cowling
5 December 1967
Edith Tolkien to Pamela Chandler

Edith is delighted by the photographs and writes to thank Pamela for them. Tolkien is much better now, but easily becomes tired. Priscilla will be visit...


9 January 1972
Marjorie Incledon to Julian Tolkien

Marjorie Incledon (Aunt Mink), writes to Julian to wish him a happy new year. Like him, she could not make Ediths funeral but has spoken with Christophe...
24 January 1972
J.R.R. Tolkien to Michael Tolkien
 Carpenter #332

Tolkien writes to his son about the very generous accommodation offered to him by Merton College in Oxford.
2 February 1972
J.R.R. Tolkien to Dorothy Wood

Tolkien mentions his forthcoming trip to Buckingham Palace to receive a CBE. He says that the Queen Mother is due to make the presentation, who he has s...
6 February 1972
J.R.R. Tolkien to Hilary Tolkien

Tolkien writes to Hilary to wish him a happy birthday and talks about his move back to Oxford from Bournemouth.
25 February 1972
L. Mason to Hilary Tolkien

L. Mason writes to Hilary with thanks for his memories of Masons sister. he notes that his daughter is called Hilary and mentions a funny story of the v...
30 March 1972
J.R.R. Tolkien to Rayner Unwin
 Carpenter #334

Tolkien thanks Rayner for organizing his trip to London to Buckingham Palace to be awarded the C.B.E., a party at the Garrick Club in his honour and sta...
23 April 1972
J.R.R. Tolkien to Suzanne Eward

Tolkien writes to Suzanne Eward saying that he will certainly donate copies of his work to the library where she worked.
20 June 1972
L. Mason to Hilary Tolkien

L. Mason writes asking Hilary if he knows if his letter to his brother, JRRT, has been received. He sent it to Merton College.
11 July 1972
J.R.R. Tolkien to Christopher Tolkien
 Carpenter #340

Tolkien writes to Christopher about Edith, her headstone, his thoughts of her as Lúthien and a visit to GA&Us headquarters.
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