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Seller: gardeningpeaceclown
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Laguna Beach, California, US
Ended Dec 1, 2013 9:47:21 PM
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The first Tolkien calendar was published in 1969 by science fiction fans producing the LASFS science fiction fanzine Shangri L'Affaires and provided free to subscribers, along with the regular issue (I believe #75) and a free Christmas supplement. I believe it was not offered for sale or available except to subscribers and possibly a few copies at a meeting of the LASFS science fiction club. Very limited distribution. Six watercolors are printed, each in a different color. These were early masterpieces by later Hugo award winning fan (and later professional) artist Tim Kirk, who went on to work for Disney. Only later did professional publishers take over the Tolkien calendar series, with much higher print runs. The circulation of the fanzine was about 500. The annual Christmas Supplement, called Meretricious, along with the calendar, may have had even fewer copies. This copy was discovered in the files of fanzine editor Ken Rudolph. He and his friends printer Larry Howorth and art editor Jim Schumacher produced the calendar. The condition is unused, unopened, kept flat in a box since 1969. This copy was NOT distributed. It has never been mailed. It's been in a file folder in Ken's closet with his fanzine correspondence. Amazing. As a fan publication,it was hand printed, collated, and stapled, so no copies were absolutely mechanically perfect: it is what I would call near mint condition -- it's as close to perfect as any copy was the day it came off the press. The printing is superb, the colors in each print bright and clear, even the screening (turning a watercolor into a limited edition print) is very finely done. It's really an art print. As someone who got a copy in 1969, I can tell you that I treasured my original copy and recognized immediately that Tim Kirk was an incredible talent -- the best Tolkien illustrator -- and that the calendar is a real work of art. I still have my original copy!
Submitted by: Lokki, Urulókë
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