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Seller: drkangel247 (156)
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Satellite Beach, Florida, US
Ended Jun 12, 2019 4:07:13 AM
Category: Collectibles:Fantasy, Mythical & Magic:Lord of the Rings:Other LOTR Collectibles
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FINALLY.....TIME FOR THE CENTERPIECE OF MY COLLECTION..... I have a SPECIAL edition of each of the 3 original BALLENTINE BOOKS copies of the trilogy.....I'm putting two of them up now (Fellowship & Two Towers)…..Return Of The King will go up later..... THIS IS A 3rd PRINTING, ORIGINAL BALLENTINE BOOKS COPY OF "THE TWO TOWERS"...IT WAS SIGNED BY J.R.R. TOLKIEN ON THE TITLE PAGE... The FRAME for this book, as well as the FRAMES for the other two in the trilogy, were made special for me by RIDLEY'S CUSTOM FRAMING where I lived in Palm Bay, Florida. The FRAME is made so that the book literally 'floats' in the frame, so as NOT to touch the glass. No chance of damage occurring to the cover or any other part of the book. The FRAME is also AIR-TIGHT and sealed, again for the safety and well-being of the book. I recently took the books back to their framing facility so they could open the frames for me to get these pictures. They then re-sealed the frames as before. Mr. Ridley made a lithograph of Tolkien's signature on the title page, put it on a base at the bottom of the frame so me and my friends could look at the signature and see it without opening the frame or touching the book. Each FRAME alone, cost $50.00. Such is what I did to take care of my prized collectibles. I'm sure most of you can relate. I've seen a lot of your pictures that you've sent me. I did ALOT of research on the pricing of rare, collectible books...signed and unsigned. I ended up with a couple of book stores, both of them in Britain. You can find them too, one of them sells excellent books right here on eBay. One of them has the only other autographed copy of a LOTR book that I've EVER seen. He has 'Fellowship', signed on the title page (that was Tolkien's way), but it's NOT a BALLENTINE, it's NOT a 3rd PRINTING (his is an 8th), it has NO frame (special or not) to protect it, and my books are just in BETTER CONDITION!!! He's asking $6200, so I'm asking the same, even though he says my book is at least $500 better, ESPECIALLY since I have a C.O.A. and he doesn't. He wants to buy mine, but he can't pay the price because he has to make a profit. The CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY is by HOLLYWOOD ESTATE BUYERS. It is # 6575092524 and states...."Herein it is certified that the item below has been examined and is in the best judgment 100% authentic. J.R.R. Tolkien Signed "Lord of the Rings The Two Towers" The other two books in this set are ALSO ORIGINAL BALLENTINE BOOKS.''FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING" is an ORIGINAL 2nd PRINTING in EXC. COND. Th"RETURN OF THE KING" is an ORIGINAL 1st PRINTING in EXC. COND. And again, ALL 3 BOOKS COME IN THE SPECIAL, AIR-TIGHT, BOOK-SUSPENDED FRAMES. These three books were the CENTERPIECE of my ENTIRE COLLECTION. They were the items that I was most proud of. Professor Tolkien lived in Britain and taught at Oxford. Autographs were NOT that common back then, nor were the books all that popular in the beginning. It was NOT and still IS NOT a common thing to see an autographed book of his. He just did not sign many. I've been collecting for 40 years, and have only seen one other. I always looked at these books as excellent investments. "The Lord of the Rings" is the 2nd most POPULAR book on the planet, behind only the Bible. It has been sold, translated and printed in immense amounts. And, as you all know, the fans of MIDDLE-EARTH form a VERY SPECIAL AND DEEP BOND with Professor Tolkien and the world he created. Take the Quest, and Good-Luck!!!!
Submitted by: laurel
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