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22 Jul, 2012
2012-7-22 5:47:05 PM UTC
I will enjoy it! Next time you'll be the winner, gilraen!
22 Jul, 2012
2012-7-22 9:42:36 PM UTC
Actually found it on Amazon so winners all round!
19 Aug, 2012 (edited)
2012-8-19 1:08:01 AM UTC
I had been watching an auction for this ROTK 1/1, it had 3 days or so left but had a reserve. Just noticed he had reposted it as a buy it now for $195. Guess the seller thought noone was interested, but i sure was!
eBay item 130750638332

19 Aug, 2012
2012-8-19 12:11:04 PM UTC
Nice one!
24 Aug, 2012
2012-8-24 12:21:39 AM UTC
Thanks Jlong! Just got the book today and it's a very nice copy! The seller threw in a nice 1/1 (unjacketed) Tree and Leaf just as a gift!
24 Aug, 2012
2012-8-24 11:59:25 PM UTC
It can't get much better than that.
31 Aug, 2012
2012-8-31 8:14:15 PM UTC
Well, I had some trouble finding this related thread, so why not link to it here (where I looked first):

Trotter's uncle's find (are double possessive forms used in English???): ... =ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0
1 Sep, 2012
2012-9-1 8:02:28 AM UTC
I have had a chance to have a look at the book, very nice signature.

I also recently went to the same bookshop where he bought it, in case they had the matching signed Two Towers and ROTR for sale as well.

No luck
1 Sep, 2012
2012-9-1 1:59:51 PM UTC
So are you buying it from your Uncle, or is he just going to keep it?

2 Sep, 2012
2012-9-2 5:34:47 AM UTC
He is keeping it, he likes owning a signed Tolkien book
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