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Signed LotR to be Auctioned Off
By Jlong

Signed LotR to be Auctioned Off

Jan 21, 2013


Wednesday 30 January 2013
Lots 1-713 commencing at 11am
Viewing Tuesday 29 January, 9am-7pm and morning of sale

Lot 512 Tolkien (J.R.R.). The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,
1954; The Two Towers, 1954; The Return of the King, 1955, 1st eds., 1st
impressions, each signed by the author
Estimate £10,000-15,000
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Jan 30, 2013
Come on then- now that it's over did anyone go for any of the rayner Unwin books at dominic winters today.
There were some crackers. The signed Lott went for £24k plus 19% fees!

Other highlights included a uk proof silmarillion and a one off presentation copy to Rayner from Christopher - wow
That's not too mention 2 red Sils numbers 3&4 ,a number1 & no 3signed 87 hobbit, 2ted nasmith sils, and numerous other signed Tolkien books.
Also noticed a Hammond dedicated copy! Bet someone can remember that?
I have got some pics I will post when have chance.

A feast for sure and some nice prices to match.
Well done to anyone who won any.
Jan 30, 2013
Oh dear, I missed all of that... damn it. That all sounded terribly good. Was there a printed catalogue btw? But, ho hum, I'm sure they all went for silly money anyway, so who am I kidding thinking I could have bought any of it.

Please post pictures & prices if anyone has them.

Jan 30, 2013
Holy crap! Lot # 518!!!!!!!!!!! --that was a Silmarillion collectors dream. Everything you'd ever dreamed of all piled together in one auction! Totally mindblowing.

Damn, damn, & more damn.

Jan 30, 2013
Yep there was a Catalogue but no Sil pics in it. Just mailed you. Was interesting for sure. I really hope someone on here got some of the good lots. Pics later in week
Jan 30, 2013
PDF of Catalogue available at

Click on Results
Link to PDF of Catalogue is at top of page
Link to Price Realised also available on this page.

Rayner Unwin Collection is Lots 492-522
Jan 30, 2013
Holy .... Indeed
Even i was excited bidding. Just wished lottery had come in on Tuesday!
Jan 30, 2013
Pics of Lot 518


Tolkien (J.R.R.). The Silmarillion, ed. Christopher Tolkien, 1st ed., 1977, folding map, original cloth, d.j., 8vo, signed by Christopher Tolkien, with a two page proof of the title and opposite page by Christopher Tolkien, and a note by him: “The Elvish lettering on these pages is hastily done and on no account to be reproduced” (it was reproduced in the book almost exactly), plus a lunch invitation from Rayner Unwin and Christopher Tolkien on July 29, 1977 to launch publication of the book, together with unbound proof sheets of The Silmarillion, a presentation copy to Rayner Unwin from Christopher dated 15 September 1977, a limited edition copy (4/1000) signed by Christopher Tolkien and another signed trade edition (5)

11_5109b05ad5bc7.jpg 2308X1972 px

11_5109b06f18853.jpg 2060X2220 px

11_5109b07e3c4bc.jpg 1652X2428 px
Jan 31, 2013
Perhaps we will find some of the lots at ebay soon - hopefully.
Feb 1, 2013
Somebody is offering me #519, unfortunately without the red Silm:

The Lord of the Rings, Deluxe edition, 4th
impression, 1974; The Hobbit, Deluxe edition, 1976, colour
illustrations, original black cloth blocked in gold and silver, both
contained in original boxes, Lord of the Rings with publisher’s ‘File
Copy’ ink stamp to paper label, 8vo, with three others: Poems and
Stories, Deluxe ed., 1980, The Hobbit, Collector’s ed., 1987, 3/100
signed by Christopher Tolkien

All books come with a card of authentication from Dominic Winters.

What would be a reasonable price?? Please send me PN with your suggestions!!
Feb 1, 2013
Hi Laurin,

Here are some pics of Lot 519. Not sure about value. Others may have better idea.

11_510c20bdb1de7.jpg 3132X2124 px

11_510c20cff02ed.jpg 2188X2332 px

11_510c20e2b65dd.jpg 3076X1320 px
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