I have just published another update at TolkienBooks.net:

The revision and expansion of the 2000-Present section of the bibliography has completed at last. It now includes over 80 entries, so for the sake of clarity has been split into three sections:

Books and Periodicals
This consists of books by Tolkien, together with books and periodicals including contributions by the Professor, i.e. sections A, B and C of Wayne Hammond’s Tolkien bibliography.

Letters, Artwork and Miscellanea
This collects together published letters (both partial and complete), artwork (published separately and in collections) and other miscellaneous bits and pieces, i.e. sections D, E and F of Wayne’s bibliography.

The Children of Húrin
At present there are only two editions of the latest Tolkien book, but HarperCollins have already announced a large print edition, and no doubt a paperback edition will appear after Christmas.

In addition, the intro-pages for each of the main sections of the bibliography have been re-styled and the navigation bars simplified a little.

The Tale Goes On section has been split in two, with the division made in 1990 to tie in with the acquisition of Unwin Hyman by HarperCollins:

After Tolkien Part 1 – 1974-1990

After Tolkien Part 2 – 1991-Onwards

Coming Next Month…The next section to be revised and updated will be The Hobbit. I hope to add details of the illustrations and maps included in each edition, and where possible the number of copies printed. If you have any suggestions for other information to include please leave a comment.