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_Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?
By Morgan

_Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?

Jul 12, 2012

It appears like Tolkien's Fall of Arthur will be published in 2013 by HarperCollins, according to ... TF8&qid=1342094217&sr=1-6
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Apr 22, 2013

Khamûl wrote:
Really? That's genuinely pretty surprising, what with postage seemingly more expensive than ever. Does this really affect the average buyer who's not searching quite so hard though? I mean Laurin666 says it works in Germany. Surely it would have some effect if were listing books at the same price as the high street? (--assuming for a second there actually was a high street!) With postage this would make their books more expensive (overall) to acquire. Would it not help a bit?


Yep, really. It is MUCH cheaper to buy books from the UK than to buy them on the high street in Australia. Australia is a bit of a basket case, mind -- probably the most expensive country on Earth at this juncture.

I just can't see how on a global scale price controls will work. The online seller will just base themselves where the price controls don't apply, and so long as their suppliers give them the books cheap enough, the postage isn't a problem.

Of course, tariffs can be introduced, but for low value items, they end up being too expensive to enforce.
May 18, 2013
After my rant of a few pages back, I have finally got round to cancelling all my outstanding/open Amazon orders --now that I have sourced the same items for similar prices elsewhere. Still not bricks & mortar mind; I've sourced them all online --but I can't tolerate Amazon any more. A puny gesture, I know --but why complain whilst still giving them my custom? An inconsistent stance to take, now remedied!

Just for books though...

May 18, 2013
Got my copy of Fall of Arthur today .........through Amazon. But for local book-stores it's hard to get English books so this was the best option for me. The Deluxe edition will take some more days.
May 18, 2013
Do you mean: you physically got it today!? I thought it wasn't published until next week?

May 18, 2013
Yes, I'm holding it in my own hands

It is bound the same style than the 50th anniversary edition of the LotR, bound in Great Britain by Clays Ltd.

I think I know what to read next

EDIT: Resized pictures Trotter

10_5197f817c81b8.jpg 800X600 px

10_5197f81f811ec.jpg 800X600 px

10_5197f8267fb80.jpg 800X600 px
May 19, 2013
So we're all heading over to Laurin666's house today?

- wellinghall
May 19, 2013
New stuff is always good! Early new stuff is even better!
May 19, 2013
by wellinghall on 2013/5/18 23:46:15 So we're all heading over to Laurin666's house today? - wellinghall

You're very welcome!!
May 19, 2013
Yeh, early new stuff is good if you're the one that gets it early. But not so much if you're still waiting!

May 20, 2013
I'm interested in seeing whether - like the last two books - the AU/NZ 1st / 1st is different than the UK one (different boards and printers in both cases).
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