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Ebay watchers
By laurel

Ebay watchers

Jun 19, 2013

Has anyone else noticed that on the new ebay items the number of watchers now appears under the price!
I guess this is good or a bad thing subject to how you look at it but an interesting move by ebay to show such info i thought and no doubt in their interest ie More watchers the more you thing people may bid so bid yourself?
Any thoughts?
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Jun 20, 2013
Can you post a link to such an auction laurel? I haven't looked that hard, but haven't seen the watchers function yet. The seller (privately) saw this anyway, did they not?

Jun 23, 2013
I think this is what laurel talks about, from my experience it appears if you highlight the picture on the auction, but disappears quite quickly.

But it is not Watching but Viewing, which is not really the same.

10_51c6e823d51c1.jpg 944X432 px
Jun 23, 2013
Ahh, indeed, I'd seen that. This isn't how many people are actually watching it though i.e. the figure the seller would have. This is just a "other people are watching this" graphic which annoyingly gets in the way of you viewing the photographs!

Is this what you were referring to laurel?

Jun 23, 2013
No not what i saw

At one stage when i posted topic i could see all the actual watchers on almost every item !!!
Then i went to check again and that view had been removed !!?!?!
I have contacted ebay and awaiting a reply.

very odd
Jun 30, 2013
it looks like the odd watchers feature is back
still havent heard from ebay but this feature is useful for sure
here is a screen dump

497_51d04da2882ac.jpg 1024X768 px
Jun 30, 2013
as yo ucan see the number of watchers now appears under the price
PS apologises if this is anyones sale - tried to pick one at random
Jun 30, 2013
Interesting & useful, as you say. So, now that it's reappeared, does this appear in every single listing that you look at?

Jun 30, 2013
I went to that same listing, and the number of watchers is not shown to me (logged in and not logged in). If I look at the source HTML, there is a field there, but it is not populated with any data.

I wonder who gets to see that and who does not?

[UPDATE] - when I look at it on ebay.COM it has the watchers shown, but not on ebay.CO.UK (where you saw it) - perhaps it has to do with what is my home ebay site?
Jun 30, 2013
Or on what device you are browsing, perhaps?

I seem to recall something like this coming up before, where some had visibility & others did not --& this was due to them accessing eBay via an app on their phone or tablet/iPad, etc. Oh yeh!, it was "Best offer" prices that were accepted --hence Jeremy's "Finished Auction Search" tool. Is it perhaps something similar?

I asked this before, but I take it (for all you guys that sell on eBay) this information (i.e. number of watchers) is available to sellers anyway? You get to see the number of watchers (of your items) if you sell, right?

Jul 1, 2013
I was viewing on my normal PC this time when feature appeared.
Jeremy I think you are right re home ebay page theory- will investigate this more when get time

Yes the number of watchers and views is available when you sell an item.
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