A few changes for the website:

1. Slightly more friendly auction tracking page


It now has a little better navigation when you enter an item number into the form, and will go to an item page such as:


You can put any item number at the end of that link and it will try to get the data for it. Also, it will cache the data so the page will load much faster after the first time.

2. More friendly data shown in forum posts that have eBay auction links mentioned in them.

Instead of the item photo attached at the bottom of your post, now there is a small block off to the right with the thumbnail image, title, auction number, and other data available in it.

3. Easier to read links

If you paste an ebay item link into a forum post, the link will be automatically updated to make it easier to read and track clicks.

More to come, just getting the framework in place.