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Tolkien 1960's pinbacks

10 May, 2014
2014-5-10 3:44:40 AM UTC

Hello all, what a great Tolkien Collecting site! I collect Tolkien pinbacks from the 60’s – specifically the elvish tengwar pins and was wondering if anyone knew of ANY resource on the web or otherwise that translated the messages on these pins: Frodo lives, Go Go Gandalf, etc, but I also own some very obscure elvish pins. Some are embedded below. Any help would be most appreciated!

The first one in particular is VERY difficult to translate. The first word is Hobbits, but the second line makes no sense. Hobinu? Hobinow? Any suggestions?

Thank you!


2394_536d9fa452efa.jpg 1128X1198 px

2394_536d9fe507dc4.jpg 317X325 px

2394_536d9ffa1254f.jpg 640X480 px
12 May, 2014
2014-5-12 5:58:33 PM UTC
Thanks for sharing, Meletaure, and welcome to TG!

We chatted a bit in email (sorry for the delay in getting back to you) but I don't personally have anything additional to add/help out on translating that first pinback. I am hoping some of the other regulars who are Tengwar specialists will have something to add.
13 May, 2014
2014-5-13 12:44:46 AM UTC
Thank you, Jeremy! The problem with many of the pinbacks are the unusual way (at least to my Tengwar understanding) many of them are spelled. The first yellow pinback actually translates Habbbits with an a and 3 b's. That's what makes the second word so difficult to figure out. It's hard to believe there is not SOME lonely website out there with info on these pins. Perhaps I should start one as I now own some 15 of them. Here are a few others: The last one is Frodo Lives, a very popular one, which I have not been able to secure ...

2394_53716a310c851.jpg 292X300 px

2394_53716a5cec904.jpg 640X480 px

2394_53716a85dde66.jpg 165X166 px

2394_53716ac871553.jpg 1222X1219 px
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