My name is Matt and this is a moment I have been dreading. I inherited 2 books from my dad that are out of JRR Tolkiens library. He acquired them both from Millburn Books in New Jersey, one he bought the second was a gift to him from my mom. I still have both original receipts.

Unfortunately due to financial issues I have decided that its time to part ways with these books.

The first book is

Anglo-Catholicism & Re-Union by the Rev S.H. Scott. There is no publication page but there doesn't appear to be any pages missing. The book itself is in good condition (my opinion, not graded or anything) except for the cover.

The original paper cover of this book of this book is gone, and in its place in a manilla colored cover that is handwritten by Tolkien himself.

When you open the book on the 1st page in the top right corner written in pencil is "Tolkiens Copy". I am not sure what this means, and who put this there.

On the second page is Tolkiens siganature with the inscription

"Given to me by Rev. S.H. Scott
_ _ _ Newman? Bookshop (I can not read the 1st 3 words and I believe the name of the bookshop is Newman)
I can not make out the 3rd line
Sheep? Oxford"

There are no other markings on the book other then the back cover which has the notation

The second book is A Middle English Reader by Olver Farrar Emerson reprinted in 1919.

Once again the condition is good, the edges are frayed, but the binding is still good other then about 1/4 inch on the top of the book.

Inside the book is a card from University Press of Oxford that states

"To Professor Tolkien
May, 27 1930"

On the back of the card is some written notes in pencil. The writing is not as fancy as the cover of the other book, but is consistent with notes inside this book that were Tolkien's.

When you open the cover on the top left corner is a paper stamp/sticker that says " From the Library of J.R.R. Tolkien"
On the 1st page is Tolkien's signature in ink, and some more notes in pencil. Also on the top right of the page is the notation
7/6led 350_

As you flip through the 470 pages of this book there are dozens of notations written by Tolkien in it. I'd like to think these related to his writings of Middle Earth but they were probably related to his work as a Professor at Oxford but you never know.

You can view pictures of these books at the following link


the password to view the gallery is tolkien

I can post more pictures if anyone is interested.

Looking for a good home for these 2 books and for someone who will appreciate them like my father dad.

Thanks for looking and if you are interested in these books please contact me at [email protected] and we can chat.

Thanks for looking

EDIT Trotter, password above was incorrect