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28 Mar, 2017 (edited)
2017-3-28 2:19:42 PM UTC
Hi Jeremy

Just checking that my message to you went through... and it seems to have done .

Look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Count Dominic Bon de Sousa Pernes

email bondesousa@talktalk,net
[Mod: phone no. and off-topic photo removed]
28 Mar, 2017
2017-3-28 7:49:09 PM UTC
Hi there - as you see, I'm not Jeremy, but I hope you'll excuse my popping in. I'd just like to say that I have copies of your posters - they're quite scarce.

I do have a question - I also have a poster of Treebeard which, to me, looks to be in a similar style. So, silly question - did you ever do one of Treebeard?

Anyway; no doubt Jeremy will be along soon. and I look forward to watching your progress. Welcome.

7 Apr, 2021
2021-4-7 11:18:44 PM UTC
16 Apr, 2021
2021-4-16 12:01:14 AM UTC
Thanks for sharing the link, at least! Curious how much it sold for.
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