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LINGUAPHONE need some info

4 Nov, 2013
2013-11-4 12:56:04 AM UTC

I found some linguaphone english course vinyls..and by searching web for info i found out that tolkien's first recorded voice is on them.. but my question is..i have some different version than seen here.. The version i saw here was 16 vinyls and they had story names and readers names on it..but since i only have vinyls and no booklets and case,therefore no any kind of info. on my vinyls i only have record numbers (record 1-16) in places where others have lession number,and i have different stories.. they are 78r.p.m vinyls and made in england.. any help would be appriciated.. really.i need some info asap :D

2081_5276f09b5a2d7.jpg 1944X2592 px
4 Nov, 2013
2013-11-4 5:42:30 AM UTC
You can hopefully listen to the recordings as they are on the British Library website. ... ost_id=5435#forumpost5435
4 Nov, 2013
2013-11-4 6:25:16 PM UTC
Tolkien contributed to an English Conversation course. I think you have bought a different set of records.

The record codes you are looking for are EC.20.E and EC.30.E.

See this page at
23 Aug, 2016 (edited)
2016-8-23 7:40:53 PM UTC
Hello all,

I have seen many discussions already about this Tolkien Linguaphone set. I happen to have a complete set, probably from 1931. All books are included (5 in total). The set is to French speakers, so some booklets are in French. all is in Mint condition (probably never used...):
  • Linguaphone Conversational Course English
  • Guide de l'étudiant au Cours de Langues par la methode linguaphone
  • Vocabulaire Anglais-Francais
  • Par "Linguaphone" La Nouvelle Méthode...
  • Les Langues Etrangères par la Méthode Linguaphone.

The original purchase letter is still in place (set bought for 1200 Belgian Franks, addressed to J-A Hilaret, Linguaphone Institute, 18, Rue du Méridien, Bruxelles.

On the website TolkienGuide, there is an incomplete set, valued at about €600,-. Would this be a correct value? I can imagine that a complete set has a better value.

Can anyone inform me on good sales platforms for this set, or maybe someone is interested in this set... Also on valueing, it would help a lot...

Sebastian (Belgium)
23 Aug, 2016
2016-8-23 8:48:40 PM UTC
There may well be someone interested here. I know that TolkienLibrary set has been listed for quite a long while (perhaps it was sold and is just not marked as such).

For value, I have seen sets going for (USD) $750 and up, but they don't sell often so it is hard to say. With the movie fervor dying down, perhaps there is less demand and prices will have to drop to find a buyer. There is no harm in setting an asking price and seeing what the response is.
25 Sep, 2017
2017-9-25 8:24:21 PM UTC
I can not find the wonders on ebay but here is one (or better two) ... 1b28be:g:2FAAAOSwJJRZsc7v
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Seller: rolfebus
Ended Oct 2, 2017
This item ended more than 90 days ago
25 Sep, 2017
2017-9-25 9:03:20 PM UTC
25 Sep, 2017
2017-9-25 11:00:24 PM UTC
I think that is officially the winner of "The wonders of eBay". We can all pack up and go home now.
26 Sep, 2017
2017-9-26 5:01:31 AM UTC
I have five Linguaphone with the voice of Tolkien (Italy, Holland and France) ... I did not know I had a treasure!

2174_59c9df1ac1e0f.jpg 480X360 px
26 Sep, 2017
2017-9-26 10:36:50 PM UTC
Very nice but keep hunting for :
The German, Hungary & Sweden setssss
(and all the year's editions with various labels on the records to haha)

But special on the booklets there are more than you think ?
Also in the information booklets to buy the linguaphone sets is J.R.R.Tolkien name printed.
They are difficult to find !!!

Fun to think you are good for GBP 300.000 + BOOKLETS ?
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