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George Allen & Unwin logo

9 Oct, 2017
2017-10-9 1:28:38 PM UTC

I did a talk at Oxonmoot on George Allen & Unwin and part of that included the logo from the company, which you can see below.

I have also noticed a UK postage stamp from 1929, the £1 Postal Union Congress issue, which has a very similar image, and I am interested in finding out where the original of both of these items comes from.

I will update with any progress but would welcome any ideas.

10_59db79692ae19.jpg 397X394 px

10_59db798092868.jpg 507X439 px
9 Oct, 2017
2017-10-9 6:07:57 PM UTC
The original version was commissioned by George Allen from Walter Crane. There is a little information about it in Rayner Unwin's history of GA&U. See page 12.
9 Oct, 2017
2017-10-9 11:51:16 PM UTC
That's St. George and the Dragon. It's a rather common depiction of the medieval account and most commonly has been used on British Sovereigns since 1817.
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