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Nice, interesting finds

16 Feb, 2018
2018-2-16 5:00:17 PM UTC

As I don't seem to find an existing topic concerning nice bookshop/internet finds, feel free to post your most recent, interesting additions here!

Mine is a first edition copy of An Edition of þe liflade ant te passiun of seinte iuliene by Tolkien's protégé Simonne d'Ardenne, with a written dedication by the same. Lucky find in an Oxfam bookshop (in Ghent, Belgium)!

205_5a870e02cd5d0.jpg 692X922 px

205_5a870e07a98e0.jpg 922X692 px

205_5a870e0cad095.jpg 922X692 px
16 Feb, 2018
2018-2-16 5:41:08 PM UTC
Nice find!
5 Apr, 2018
2018-4-5 5:07:18 PM UTC
Recently acquired some hard-to-find volumes of academic contributions by Tolkien at a (very) good price. There are two copies which I can't recall having seen before, i.e. the one-volume edition of The Review of English Studies 1925 and the 1966 paperback reprint of Essays and Studies vol. XIV. Since they are currently not listed on, I was wondering if you are aware of these particular editions, Deagol? I am also willing to provide pictures of the covers of the Medium Ævum reprints (I see these are lacking on, although there's not much to see...

205_5ac655f379680.jpg 692X922 px

205_5ac655fea6b46.jpg 922X692 px

205_5ac6560395487.jpg 922X692 px

205_5ac6560b2900c.jpg 692X922 px

205_5ac6561296ffa.jpg 692X922 px

205_5ac6561bda91c.jpg 692X922 px

205_5ac6562a3db92.jpg 922X692 px
5 Apr, 2018
2018-4-5 11:18:30 PM UTC
Nice finds!
6 Apr, 2018
2018-4-6 4:51:40 AM UTC
And interesting!
20 Apr, 2018
2018-4-20 8:16:35 PM UTC
Onónion, sorry for taking so long to reply. I've been unwell lately and recovering from surgery.

I have owned a copy of RES 1925 in the publisher's binding for quite a while but didn't get around to adding it to the site.

I have the 1929 Essays and Studies reprint, but my copy is in a library binding I think, so if I can use your image that would be great. Would you like a credit?

Medium Ævum reprints - are your copies in a publisher's binding or a library binding? I would be interested to see images of the title page, etc.
20 Apr, 2018
2018-4-20 8:43:02 PM UTC
Deagol, best wishes for your recovery back to health.
20 Apr, 2018
2018-4-20 11:17:12 PM UTC
Yep, I'll second that -- all the best for a speedy recovery!
21 Apr, 2018
2018-4-21 3:43:11 AM UTC
I’ll third that... take care and get well soon Deagol!
21 Apr, 2018
2018-4-21 2:58:33 PM UTC
Hope you are well, and getting better by the day, Deagol. Take care!

I have taken some more detailed pictures and can e-mail these if you wish. Just send me a pm with your e-mail address.
The Medium Aevum reprints are in the publisher's binding. No need to credit me, I'm happy to contribute to your excellent website.
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