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By Stu
Home away from home

Clays HoME vs LEGO HoME

5 Mar, 2018 (edited)
2018-3-5 10:06:20 PM UTC

Well, my Clays set of HoME with damaged slipcase came around the world for its third time after being "unclaimed" by Amazon from Spanish customs. The slipcase had gone from one big bump and one torn edge to 5 torn edges. I glued it back together (with a lot less care than I would have for a decent set of books). Given I have both sets together, it seemed worth doing a photo comparison.

The Clays set vs the LEGO set should be fairly obvious, as one is much worse than the other (although in all honesty, neither is anything to write home about, the LEGO version is perfectly passable).

The print run for Clays was 235 copies.
The print run for LEGO was 800 copies.

[Edit: added a key to photos. Copyright page in each case is from Volume 3 (the volume which got bumped in the Clays set)]

[Edit: Note the information sheet for the Clays set was provided glued to the outside of the shrink-wrap, with a copy slipped into the slipcase. The LEGO set had a single copy in the slipcase]

1. Clays box after a battering. Books are tight fit and box is very, very flimsy
2. Clays Left, LEGO right
3. Clays Left LEGO right
4. Clays Left LEGO right
5. Clays right, LEGO left
6. Clays left, LEGO right
7. Clays right, LEGO left / top. (Volume 2 of each)
8. Clays Bottom, LEGO top (Volume 2 of each)
9. LEGO top, Clays Bottom (Volume 2 of each)
10. Clays Left, LEGO right (Volume 2 of each)
11. Clays Left, LEGO right

228_5a9dbea153094.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbea9b02cc.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbeb6e755d.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbec0a9690.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbecd74b6e.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbee0964ab.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbeea8ad3d.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbef94d1cf.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbf03e27cb.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dbf0e92275.jpg 1280X960 px

228_5a9dd6ff70f68.jpg 2016X1512 px

228_5a9dd72281add.jpg 2448X3264 px

228_5a9dd74653b5e.jpg 2016X1512 px
5 Mar, 2018
2018-3-5 10:30:16 PM UTC
Thanks for sharing this! It may not be obvious to more casual readers, if you would care to call out which is which in your photos.
5 Mar, 2018
2018-3-5 11:50:11 PM UTC
Done, also added the insert sheet and vol3 copyright pages.
6 Mar, 2018
2018-3-6 6:43:46 PM UTC
Also added print run info for both variants to OP.
6 Mar, 2018
2018-3-6 9:21:27 PM UTC
That's fantastic Stu, thanks for laying all that out!
8 Mar, 2018
2018-3-8 5:12:01 AM UTC
Thanks for these. Can you slap a ruler to the case and post heights for each.
8 Mar, 2018
2018-3-8 8:06:31 AM UTC
234mm high for Clays, 238mm high for LEGO.
1 Apr, 2018
2018-4-1 10:18:11 PM UTC
An additional note - at least one set of these was supplied by HarperCollins (in sealed box) containing a mix of Clays and LEGO (Vols 1 & 3 LEGO, Vol 2 Clays). Both Volume 2 and 3 had binding defects. ... arth_has_arrived/dwmqffc/
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