Thornton's Bookshop just put out their first booklist issued at their new address in Faringdon, and it includes a nice selection of over 60 Tolkien related items.

    Some of the more unusual items of note in the catalog are:
  • W. H Auden's Good and Evil in the Lord of the Rings, a 16 page booklet originally included as a free insert in the 1992 catalogue Tolkien and Friends number 4, issued on the occasion of the centenary celebrations at Keble college, Oxford. Two copies are available, one an uncorrected proof, and the other is a lettered copy originally reserved for friends of the publisher.
  • The Centenary Conference Souvenir Book (1992) including the difficult-to-find A3-sized poster. Both the cover of the book and the poster feature some very nice artwork by Patrick Wynne.
  • Rene Van Rossenberg's Hobbits in Holland: Leven en Werk van J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973), a 100 page exhibition catalogue for the exhibition at the the Hague Royal library in The Netherlands.
  • Two copies of Rayner Unwin's The Making of the Lord of the Rings, these are recent reprints but still worth the collector's interest as the original 100 copies are hard to find now.

These and of course many other books, including early and deluxe copies of The Hobbit, foreign translations of mutliple works, and some quite reasonably prices recent editions of Tolkien's works, scholarly criticism, and related author works (Lewis and Williams, for example.) The full catalog is well worth a visit. ... /CAT%20Faringdon%201.html (archived link - no longer live)