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Unseen Original Tolkien Artwork

An annual Tolkien-inspired Art Exhibition, held at The Redesdale Hall, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos will, for the first time, feature an original Tolkien drawing from 1911.

It is the first public showing of the Original drawing of "Lamb’s Farm, Gedling" drawn by JRR Tolkien in 1911, and is significant because it shows an early version of the famous JRRT monogram, and also because it was in this location, inspired by a line from Crist by the Anglo-Saxon poet Cynewulf, that Tolkien later wrote a poem of his own, The Voyage of Earendil the Evening Star. From this small beginning, in the buildings shown in this picture, his epic "Silmarillion" began, that grew and eventually led over time to the creation of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The drawing will be published in Wheelbarrows at Dawn, the biography of his brother, Hilary Tolkien, launched at this exhibition and, to mark this first public showing of the Original drawing and the books publication, a Limited Edition Print of the drawing – the last of only five created – will be auctioned on Saturday 14th Aug, with the monies raised going to Charity. Those interested can visit or send in sealed bids.

Renowned Tolkien artists Ted Nasmith (illustrator of the official 2010 Tolkien Calendar), Ruth Lacon, Jef Murray and Peter Pracownik will be exhibiting their latest Tolkien-inspired paintings at the 3 day annual event, and shall be attending in person throughout, giving talks about their work and meeting the public.

With a range of dealers offering books, memorabilia, music, swords and clothing, candles, waistcoats, bow-makers, and other talented Tolkien artists; Sunday also boasts a Tolkien Quiz, Masquerade, and a performance from "Tinkerscuss" live in the evening.

Not far from the Art Exhibition you can also visit the Four Shires Stone - used as basis for Three Farthing Stone in The Shire, and the Rollright Stones - upon which The Barrow Downs were based, with many other Tolkien-related sites within driving distance from this central location in the heart of Tolkien's Shire.

"Edge of the Wild" Tolkien-inspired Art Exhibition is open 14th – 16th August 2010 at The Redesdale Hall, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, from 9-5 pm. FREE Admission.

Contact [email protected] for details. Latest online catalogue:

For those with Facebook access, the event page is: ... -2010/296358943709?ref=mf

where you can find pictures of previous exhibitions, examples of the Tolkien artwork on display, and many informative links about Tolkien, local places to area worth a visit and eateries.