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Post pictures of your Collection

Aug 4, 2013 (edited)

I have had a bit of success with UK Hobbits recently

Every impression from the 3rd Printing of 1942 to the 24th (10th Impression of the 3rd Edition in 1975), apart from one

I only collect Hobbits with Dust-Jackets and they have to be not priced clipped, hence why no 1st or 2nd Printings, a small number of editions (three) need to be replaced because they do not fit my criteria.

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10_51fe2924c1826.jpg 1366X416 px
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Sep 1, 2018
Was going to say Why do you need so many copies of the same book? but that would be the pot calling the kettle black, very nice collection
Sep 3, 2018
Took some photos but they all came out awful; need to get a new camera...

125_5b8d4b9ace066.jpg 2435X3098 px

125_5b8d4ba3e6a4d.jpg 2767X2292 px

125_5b8d4bad68e4c.jpg 2300X2936 px

125_5b8d4bc5b489c.jpg 950X3730 px
Sep 3, 2018
I am deeply jealous.

- wellinghall
Sep 3, 2018
The 1982 Super Deluxe, 1998 Super Deluxe, all the Guild/BCA Hbs, all the 1980's Unwin Pbs, sundry other Pbs (inc. Michael Tolkien's 1979 Unwin Pbs) are all elsewhere & not photographed; on other shelves or not shelved at all...
Sep 3, 2018
At last, magnificent!!!
Sep 3, 2018
Hardly, they're laid out like a dog's breakfast currently; doesn't look great but is easier for reference like this.
Sep 3, 2018
You are such a Silmarillion pest.
Sep 4, 2018
Some fantastic collections here. What does everyone do about daylight? I have my "best" behind doors but may be being neurotic?!
Sep 4, 2018
The room I have most of my books in has the blind permanently down; so no direct light in the room at all never mind on book spines. If this isn't an option then turn those delicate spines around on the shelves.
Oct 13, 2018
I've been working on this set for a long time and have just completed it, getting the 6th printing in the mail today (I've been really zeroed in on Hobbits lately!). I still need a couple variants (for 5th/7th printings) but essentially this a complete set of the second edition U.S. Hobbits. I love how these look without their jackets! So I hope you'll forgive me for showing them off

4451_5bc24a3303966.jpg 889X700 px
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