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4 Aug, 2013 (edited)
2013-8-4 9:55:50 AM UTC

I have had a bit of success with UK Hobbits recently

Every impression from the 3rd Printing of 1942 to the 24th (10th Impression of the 3rd Edition in 1975), apart from one

I only collect Hobbits with Dust-Jackets and they have to be not priced clipped, hence why no 1st or 2nd Printings, a small number of editions (three) need to be replaced because they do not fit my criteria.

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10_51fe2924c1826.jpg 1366X416 px
27 Aug, 2013
2013-8-27 4:54:29 AM UTC
laurel wrote
Just catching up on threads since sunning myself on hols. Nice set Trotter - very strict criteria but some good looking wrappers

Is it an original Children's club wrapper ? If so that's good been after one for a while myself

Was thinking ? What about a thread on 'showing off your books/collection? I love seeing other people's books and maybe your photo could start it ? We have heard a lot about prized books in the past but would be great to have some photos all in one place if we think a good idea would one of you clearer people transfer it into a new thread ?

No, the cover of the Children's edition is a facsimile
31 Aug, 2013
2013-8-31 11:18:25 AM UTC
I also would love to have a glimpse of your collections. While I'm at the beginning of this journey, you guys have such great collections, so please let me see them.
31 Aug, 2013
2013-8-31 3:35:52 PM UTC
I will try to get some photos up myself soon (in the process of reorganizing, things are very much out of place at the moment).

In the meantime, you will likely enjoy this over on the Tolkien Library:
31 Aug, 2013
2013-8-31 4:21:33 PM UTC

I forgot about all these.

I can't believe how many books Andrew fits on those shelves!

Neil, I like the "Uncommon magazines, journals and offprints" picture--very nice stuff.

Jeremy, I really like those bookcases.

Pieter's collection makes everyone jealous.
1 Sep, 2013
2013-9-1 7:57:28 AM UTC
Ok here are a few photos from me.

The first are two of my favourites. Beowulf not because it is especially rare as you can buy on abe (if have the funds) but because it was a real bargain £125. Had to have some stickers removed but it has come up a treat & camshell adds to it i think.

The second is Devils. Ironically this was one of my very early purchases and i have never seen one for sale since. My copy was alledgedly kept in a safe since purchase in the 40's and this could be true as condition for such a flimsy booklet is excellent. Whether there is any truth in it bringing to life Balrog I am not sure but a facinating read.

The final photo is part of my collection. The HOME & other reference books are elsewhere.

Will snap some more when get around to it


497_5222f0dddb54d.jpg 2048X1536 px

497_5222f0f722f14.jpg 2048X1536 px

497_5222f10890a3d.jpg 2048X1536 px
1 Sep, 2013
2013-9-1 11:32:23 AM UTC

Jlong wrote:

I forgot about all these.

I can't believe how many books Andrew (Trotter) fits on those shelves!

Neil (Deagol), I like the "Uncommon magazines, journals and offprints" picture--very nice stuff.

Jeremy (Urulöké), I really like those bookcases.

Pieter's (Beren)collection makes everyone jealous.

Need to update my profile on the Tolkien Library, lots more books and bookcases since then
1 Sep, 2013
2013-9-1 1:26:18 PM UTC
Some of my shelves.

- wellinghall

42_5223405bde77c.jpg 1346X1357 px
1 Sep, 2013
2013-9-1 1:28:16 PM UTC
And some of my "specials".

- wellinghall

42_522340e9bf958.jpg 1109X1219 px
1 Sep, 2013
2013-9-1 1:44:20 PM UTC
Very nice Wellinghall and some real rare ones
You have the 1925 booklet to match my Devils ! well done

What is the bound Silmarillion ? Signed?
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