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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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1 Dec, 2018
2018-12-1 12:10:27 PM UTC
I have various SF-related collections, mostly attempts at "the complete works" by authors in paperback format - cheap to collect but all the fun of the hunt.

I have gone further by collecting every edition with Richard C. Meredith and Philip E. High, two authors two authors that never really made it big, but on their day they could tell a gripping tale.

I also collect art by SF artist Eddie Jones. I have a few originals and am slowly building a collection of books and magazines featuring his cover art. There are a couple of Tolkien cross-over items in the EJ collection:

1. A copy of The Hobbit Coloring Book - issued by Locus magazine in 1969. This includes a drawing by Eddie Jones of Bilbo rescuing Fili from the Spiders.

2. A copy of Triode #18 - which, as well as including a letter from Tolkien to the editor about a film of LotR, also includes illustrations by Eddie Jones.
4 Dec, 2018
2018-12-4 7:08:10 PM UTC
Vintage synths and electric pianos.

Books by and about French philosopher Levinas.

And, mostly through the dear wife, animals of various types (including cats).
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