Blackwell's rare books and Zuleika Gallery are having an exhibition (and sale catalog) in association with The North Wall Gallery and St. Edward's School with the topic "Once Upon a Time". The exhibition runs from 29 November through 5 January 2019 at the North Wall Arts Centre at St Edward’s School, Oxford and entrance is free.

Once Upon a Time.jpg

While there are no exhibits or sale items that are directly Tolkien related, there are many items that could be of interest to collectors here.

Lot 7 - The Most Wonderful Animals that Never Were signed by Pauline Baynes (the illustrator), £200.

Lot 8 - Unicorn, original drawing by Pauline Baynes, £2000.

Lot 9 - Saint George and the Dragon, being The Legend of the Red Cross Knight from The Faerie Queene., signed by Pauline Baynes (illustrator), £200.

Lot 10 - Fairy Tales from the British Isles, Retold by Amabel Williams-Ellis. Signed by Pauline Baynes (illustrator), £600.

Lot 60 - Lang (Andrew, Editor.) A Complete Collection of the 12 Fairy Books. £12,000.

There are 105 lots in total, so I am sure I missed at least one other that at least tangentially relates to Tolkien and his interest in Faery! The catalog is downloadable at the link below.