[I am going to try to get in the habit of writing short reviews for Tolkien fanzines as they come in, in case it is helpful to others.]

Beyond Bree, December 2018, ed. Nancy Martsch. 12 pages, corner stapled. "Durin's Day" issue, with three articles on trying to reconcile the moon/calendar in the Hobbit.
* "Determining Durin's Day and Other Matters" by Nancy Martsch
* "Durin's Day Trick" by James Strom
* "Calculating Durin's Day" (excerpted from "A Hypothetical Timeline for The Hobbit") by Douglas Wilhelm Harder
* "Laughing Shall I Die: Reading the World of the Icelandic Sagas" by Dale Nelson - a solid two page review of Tom Shippey's book. "[A]nyone who... wants to read Laughing Shall I Die should read at least one or two sagas first. Ideally, the reader will have read a lot of them before tackling it."
* Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth exhibition and associated events calendar for the Morgan Library (New York) exhibition starting in January.
* A Middle-earth Traveler book review by Todd Jensen. Points out the many errors in the text but recommends it as an art book for those who like John Howe's art.
* Mythlore Issue 133, Fall/Winter 2019 - article summary and review
* As always, a few pages of very helpful letters, scrapbook, calendar of events, and other news.