Tolkien the Pagan? Reading Middle-earth through a Spiritual Lens

This volume of proceedings contains papers from the largest and, perhaps, most diverse Tolkien Society Seminar to date.

Following a much-contested Call for Papers, ‘Tolkien the Pagan? Reading Middle-earth through a Spiritual Lens’ explores Tolkien’s complex use of religious ideology, the readers’ approach to their beloved fictional world via unusual spiritual and philosophical channels, and how Middle-earth almost became a faith unto itself.

* Introduction by Editor Anna Milon
* "On the Providential Historicism of Middle-earth" by Ryan Haecker
* "The Nature of Arda: An Artwork as the Embodiment of the Flame Imperishable" by Aslı Bülbül Candaş
* "Honouring the Valar, Seeking the Elf Within: The Curious History of Tolkien Spirituality and the Religious Affordance of Tolkien’s Literary Mythology" by Markus Altena Davidsen
* "Tolkien’s Mandos, Pratchett’s Death" by Justin Lewis-Anthony
* "Also Sprach Fëanor, Spirit of Fire: A Nietzschean Reading of Tolkien’s Mythology?" by Giovanni Carmine Costabile

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ISBN: 9781911143796
98 pp.
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Available March 25, 2019
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