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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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6 Nov, 2006
2006-11-6 11:02:27 PM UTC
I have added the table of contents for the Tolkien Studies Journal, including links to the online MUSE database that currently has HTML and PDF versions of most of the articles available online.

More general fanzine updates across the board, including trying to link into MARQCAT catalog entries for each publication they have. Adding HOOM back issue contents and reviews now, about half way done.

Got permission for Orcrist, Other Hands, Amon Hen back issue listings, Tim Kirk art scans and more, so lots on the todo list to add to the database for fanzines.
11 Nov, 2006
2006-11-11 5:46:57 AM UTC
The Board Games section has been widely filled in, many thanks to Dave and Mike from the Tolkien Boardgame Collecting website and for help in filling in a lot of holes! More images, better organization, and I am sure more international editions will be filled in as time permits and new items surface.
13 Nov, 2006
2006-11-13 10:12:52 PM UTC
I added all of the US MERP (Middle-earth Role Playing) items to the Games section of the guide. Still an odd typo or two (let me know if you see one).

Have a lot of international editions to add to the section this week.
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