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Interesting eBay Auctions

Interesting eBay Auctions

Mar 14, 2012

I am going to start putting interesting eBay auctions I run across (separate from the head scratching thread The Wonders of eBay ) that I think are interesting or worth a look. Feel free to add your own, or add commentary on anything posted here. I am not the seller or affiliated with any of these sellers, by default.
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Mar 17

Arbor wrote:

Stu wrote:
Might be of interest to someone. The 1997 first impression seems quite a bit more scarce than the others (even taking into account the official print runs of each impression). Price is NZ dollars, no affiliation to seller. ... 1b0ce4544b5b7134ec2058f06

I have one copy, but black binding/leather, "Limited to a worldwide printing of 1,000 copies", with ISBN 0 261 10368 7, so probably a later printing. The copyright pages have the same info, just different color binding. Any info on which printing with this ISBN would be appreciated?

The one in the listing is also black I believe (It looks a bit blueish, but that is just the lighting). Each impression of these is noted on the copyright page. Only the first impression has the 1,000 limitation stated, so if you have no statement of reprinting and have the limitation, it is the first. Also 3 and 4 have faux leather slipcases instead of the cloth.

The fourth impression is the most common, and seems to show up all the time. I tend to see 1sts and 3rds a lot less than the print runs would imply.

1st Impression 1997 - 1,000 copies
2nd Impression 2000 - 980 copies
3rd Impression 2001 - 2,037 copies
4th Impression 2002 - 3,061 copies
Mar 20
Seller: prinsez_05 (13501)
Ended Mar 21, 2019
Seems like a pretty good deal. I would have bought it, except it has a bookplate...

eBay Item #192864633146
Mar 27
Not really eBay, but anyone on here got this? I was too slow...

205_5c9bc67a55829.png 640X1136 px
Apr 9
Seller: schneider* (58)
Ended Jul 3, 2019
Leaf by Niggle 1945 on eBay:
eBay Item #273799813161
Apr 9
Prices on Peoples of Middle-earth are returning closer to sanity (after only 20 years...)

Peoples of Middle-earth on AbeBooks
Book clean bright tight and square. No inscriptions. pages slightly dulled as usual. Dust jacket not priced or price clipped has small tear/chip at top of front cover with adjacent wrinkling along top cover.

£ 95.00
Apr 9
I think that might be because you can buy a POD version of the hardback
Apr 30
Not eBay and I don't know the seller, but this seems like a pretty good deal if you don't own it: ... =snippet-_-srp2-_-title22
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