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The Dialect of The Huddersfield District
By Stu
Shirrif (Moderator)

The Dialect of The Huddersfield District

Mar 26 (edited)

Given that we don't know what the Dust Jacket actually looked like (other than Perhaps Wayne who has seen one), I'm trying to make something plausible just to protect the spine of the book from UV on the shelf. I can figure out the correct size easily enough (as I know how wide the flaps were from shadowing on the endpapers).

Any suggestions, help, etc. welcomed

[Edit: It looked nothing whatsoever like my first musings, attached here! ]

228_5c99e73fdc603.png 2828X1288 px
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Apr 2
Any "regular" that wants a high res copy let me know.

The only speculation on this now is the price in the bottom right corner. OUP are getting their copy from archive, and if it has a jacket will also scan for me, so possible it will be an unclipped one. I've adjusted the background colour according the photos from Wade (this is actually the colour I had already used for printing it for my own copy).

(Oh, and Masper Boffin, you were correct about Copenhagen. I was incorrect, removing that. Also seems like even during 1928 a few of the addresses changed).

228_5ca2bf62da51b.png 2078X948 px
Apr 2
Thanks for putting this together Stu! I did notice that a couple of addresses were different, and thought that interesting.
Apr 2
And printed.... again

228_5ca2f536ce930.jpg 1346X1881 px

228_5ca2f5440eaf1.jpg 1447X1811 px
Apr 2
Looks splendid, Stu!
Apr 2
Superb job you’ done, Stu!!!
Apr 2
Looks ridiculously good, Stu!
Apr 3
That's great news all. I had the copy in my hands in Manchester yesterday but alas there was no DJ, little matter now of course.

While there I had the pleasure of checking out the original 'Imram' as published in Time and Tide and I grabbed a copy from microfilm of the 1953 Radio Times article "A Fourteenth-Century Romance" so some success.
Apr 3
Having seen the scans from the Wade Centre, their copy looks like it is 91 years old, browning on the spine etc.

Stu's reproduction to me looks like it did in 1928 when it was first put on the book. Well done.
Apr 3
Some interesting information about The British Library's retention policies for Dust Jackets:

"Thank you for contacting the British Library Humanities Reference Services.

The British Library does hold two copies of 'A New Glossary of The Dialect of the Huddersfield District”, and I ordered and received both copies, neither of these two publications have dust jackets. I have also checked our special spread sheet for dust jackets, and there are no registered dust jackets records for these two items in the British Library collections. Please also note information below,

'Selected dust jackets were retained from 1919 to 1991, no dust jackets were retained in 1992, dust jackets from hardback fiction received through legal deposit (essentially novels ) published in the United Kingdom and Ireland with the shelfmark prefix Nov) have been retained from 1993 onwards.

I discussed this issue with my colleagues from Rare Books and Music Reading Room, and they confirmed this information, but please feel free to contact me colleagues in the Rare Books Reference Team ( with any enquiries about dust jackets."
Apr 9
Catherine McIlwaine was quite nice and checked the Bodleian copy for us - it also does not have the dustjacket, sadly. Sounds like that library followed pretty much the same policy as the British Library.
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