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The Thingol Scroll from Tom Loback

The Thingol Scroll from Tom Loback

Mar 29

These scrolls I've got recently. They both show identical sequences of the Silmarillion, called 'The Thingol Scroll', created by Tom Loback.
They both are signed and numbered out of 100. The first one seems to be printed on a thin paper material and is numbered 46/100. It is wrapped in the shown leather wrap. The second with wooden handles seems to be made out of plywood. Both are nearly 60 inches long.
I would like to pass the first one because I don't want to keep both. If someone here in the forum is interested in, I would be happy to hand over this artwork. Please let me know via PN and negotiate the price.

Tom Loback came from New York. In early 1990s he was a very popular illustrator of J.R.R. Tolkien's tales and his artwork was published in such magazines as Beyond Bree, Vinyar Tengwar, Mythlore, Parma Eldalamberon, and others. Being an Elvish linguist, Tom Loback employed in his artwork short Sindarin and Quenya compositions written in cirth and tengwar. He died in 2015.

4779_5c9e29ad42ab7.jpg 4032X3024 px

4779_5c9e2a521317b.jpg 4032X3024 px

4779_5c9e2a7fd4f75.jpg 4032X3024 px

4779_5c9e2aa77bcfb.jpg 4032X3024 px

4779_5c9e2adb01c0e.jpg 4032X3024 px

4779_5c9e2af9797a2.jpg 3024X4032 px

4779_5c9e2b1488bad.jpg 3024X4032 px
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Mar 30
To be frank, I would pay more than 20 dollars for these, they are really nice to look upon.
Mar 30

Lokki wrote:

Stu wrote:
I like that.

Sadly, newborn baby = No money

great to hear that Stu, I am very happy for you! Sending best wishes to your family.

Ithildin wrote:
Congratulations, Stu!!!
Always better to spend your money for human beings - especially if they are so small - as for materialistic things (even if it is for tolkienian preciousss objects )

Ta -. I shouldn't refer to him as a newborn now, as he will be three months old, soon. He is finally (this week) into nappies the next size up, and has recently graduated to size 0-3mth clothing. I think he is more Hobbit than Giant!
Mar 31

Arbor wrote:
I would have met Tom at the 1987 Mythcon in Milwaukee. Loback's promo brochure (ca 1987) states the scrolls (#s 1 - 5) are on cherry wood veneer backed by cloth; "virgin linen" (private communication). Listed at $175.00, size 6 3/4" x 54". The fourth series, #s 31 to 100, were on "imitation wood veneer and are priced at $20.00 each."
I did get to show the scroll at Mythcon in 2011.

At that time he also had printed The Fifth Battle, also with a series on wood veneer, maple. 27" x 18" and the Series 1 was a $100.

That’s interesting, so only 5 scrolls were made on cherry wood, that’s right?
And number 31 to 100 were on imitation wood veneer: what’s about number 6 to 30? You know something about them, Arbor?

The listed prices are over 30 years old now ....
Probably not very up to date..
Apr 2
I will try to get a scan done. Til then - 2nd series: 6-10 were "on genuine cherry wood veneer" at $100.
3rd series: 11 to 30 were on "Arches cover bond" at $50.
How much would fan-art such as this would cost in current market condition?
Apr 2

The_Antiquarian wrote:
How much would fan-art such as this would cost in current market condition?

I think, this would be very difficult to decide.
You don’t know exactly, how many scrolls were actually made (maybe 100, maybe less..) and how many survived. It seems that only the first 5 were made with “virgin linnen” as stated by Arbor, this means virtually uniquely.
There is no real market
Items like this don’t come up for sale very often

I think, it’s nearly impossible to fix prices: if you like it, you probably pay more. If this is not your style, you might value lower

I only think that former listing prices don’t show you a tendency for future value.
But would be interesting getting to know more opinions...
Apr 2
Technically I think Loback made a living as an artist. He did some illustrations for game modules, ICE maybe. I remember living tree fortifications in trees tended by the Elves.
There was a TV news video (link??) of his spontaneous sculptures with found objects along the Hudson or maybe the East river.
Apr 2
Here's a website with some background and quite a bit of his art featured (with his permission at the time).
Apr 2
And here is a deeper profile in an obituary:

And here's a profile of his "found art" along the Hudson River.
Apr 2
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