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31 Dec, 2018
2018-12-31 1:57:17 AM UTC

Khamûl wrote:
I hasten to add, I personally think the deluxe editions are decent; but I agree, as others have said, that they're nothing particularly special in respect to historical book production standards.

They give collectors something to do/collect/talk about/complain about, while we're waiting for the next solid publication.
2 Jan, 2019
2019-1-2 11:13:02 AM UTC
True. There are two different things at play here - the content that HC is permitted to publish and the manner in which they publish the content they are permitted to.

So... It looks like the answer might be “no, because HC doesn’t really care about collectors anyway” ? Ah well, it was worth a shot asking here anyway. I always feel there’s no loss in making my opinions heard; whether they are taken or not, at least I can say “I tried!”

Hope everyone has had a great New Year’s Day. All the best to y’all for 2019 ?
23 May, 2019 (edited)
2019-5-23 2:36:51 PM UTC
Amazon Australia has an image of the cover (not final!) on their Deluxe edition listing.

I assume this might be the cover for the hardcover edition, if at all. It looks pretty boring, and I’d have thought they’d want to go with a more interesting cover.

But they also botched up the deluxe HoME in this series, so who knows.

10_5ce6c07e5181f.jpg 521X804 px
23 May, 2019
2019-5-23 3:38:24 PM UTC
Reply from HC

the clue is in the roundel…!

10_5ce6bedf72e88.jpg 170X167 px
24 May, 2019
2019-5-24 6:37:26 AM UTC
Haha yes. I did see that and did say “not final”. I was just speculating it may be used for the hardcover since it seems more than a placeholder, having Tolkien’s Father Christmassy handwriting and all

Any luck asking them when we might get to see the deluxe motif and colour?
19 Aug, 2019
2019-8-19 8:23:15 PM UTC
Does anyone have an inkling on when we might see an updated / closer to final design on the upcoming FCL Deluxe edition?
20 Aug, 2019
2019-8-20 5:58:34 AM UTC

Velmeran wrote:
Does anyone have an inkling on when we might see an updated / closer to final design on the upcoming FCL Deluxe edition?

Based on the past couple of releases, I'd guess fairly close to release.
20 Aug, 2019
2019-8-20 12:33:27 PM UTC
I don't know if I can contain my excitement.
20 Aug, 2019
2019-8-20 8:21:01 PM UTC

Khamûl wrote:
I don't know if I can contain my excitement.

Mine is (also) definitely quite well contained. I consider the deluxe editions like a lottery, and I'll be the winner when they stop dragging them out. I'm just living the sunk cost fallacy, and I should just sell all my first prints of these to some schmuck and move on, really. Selling books = mucho hassle, though.
21 Aug, 2019
2019-8-21 1:32:28 PM UTC
Do members think that this is the last book to be released in this format by HarperCollins?

If not, what else could be a Deluxe edition?
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