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Tree and Leaf binding

May 29

Has anyone come across this binding before? It's a 6th impression of the first edition, 1972; jacket not present. I have a 5th impression with the normal dark green binding and the contents are identical. There are no library markings, just this label on the front pastedown.

4451_5cedff25d417a.jpg 377X600 px

4451_5cedff2c8d90b.jpg 450X600 px

4451_5cedff31997ed.jpg 375X500 px
May 29
My 6th impression is dark green.
May 29
It has been rebound, don't know why?

It is highly unlikely that an original binding would have J.Tolkien on it.
May 29
I've learned old greek and latin for years and also now a bit of modern greek.
ΒΙΒΛΙΟΔΕΤΕΊΟ stands for a book bindery so mystery solved, it is only a rebind.
As Trotter stated no way it is a original binding with only J. Tolkien on it.
May 29
Oh fantastic, thanks so much for that!!
May 30
No problem my friend
Jun 5
Doubt anyone would want this but message me if you do, I'm going to return it in a day or two - $8 USD plus shipping (same as I paid minus 20%).
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