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Tolkien 2019

Tolkien 2019

Sep 22, 2018

I'll be posting an actual (quite late at this point!) announcement for the event next year in Birmingham, but as I've just booked for myself I am curious who else here will be attending? Sharing your tentative plans is fine as well, but I would love to meet up with any (or all!) of you there.

It is also possible that the BNF exhibit for Tolkien will coincide. Fingers crossed, as I could be able to swing by Paris for a day while over the Atlantic, much easier than a separate trip which would be unlikely.
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Sep 23, 2018
Their website is down for me too, but I seem to be able to book via sites like and
No discount code unfortunately.
Maybe make a booking but with the option to be able to cancel in the future. That way, if the price drops later on you can book a room at the lower price and cancel the other booking. Hope that makes some sense?
There are lots of hotels within easy walking distance at a wide range of prices, so something to suit all pockets.
Sep 23, 2018
Thanks Deagol! I'll get something booked straight away.
Jul 6
Until now I was quite sure NOT to be in Birmingham this summer. There is an other pleasant (but unfortunately expensive) event in September:
I'm getting married (some pics of our touched up invitation as a small impression)
And as her wedding present I've got the trip and tickets for Tolkien 2019 from my fianc茅e - that's so fantastic!!!
Would be happy to meet you there...(in Birmingham, not on my wedding...)

4779_5d2074039daee.jpg 3024X4032 px

4779_5d20742475d64.jpg 3024X4032 px

4779_5d20744884d14.jpg 3024X4032 px
Jul 6
Looking forward to seeing you, and good luck with the wedding
Jul 6
Those invitations and materials look great - Congrats on the upcoming wedding!
Jul 7
Beautiful and congrats!!
Jul 7
It is a risk to put invitations with all the info on the forum. Tolkien fanatics could crash your wedding dressed up like Legolas, Gimli or Gollum Joking aside, invitations look amazing! Any other LOTR themed things (cake etc) on your wedding?
Jul 7
Thank you all for your wishes. Very wisely I've removed the location of our event, so Legolas, Gimli or Gollum will not know how to go
But I hope to see one or the other in Birmingham
Jul 7
Hope you all will have a blast of a time.I can't go unfortunately
Jul 7
Congratulations! Love those invites and what a wonderful gift from your soon-to-be-wife. 馃榿

Looking forward to meeting you in Birmingham.
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