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Palgrave Macmillan book sale

Nov 22 (edited)

Palgrave Macmillan is having a site-wide sale where all of their books (hardcover, softcover or ebooks) are all priced 10.00 each in your local currency (so for me they are $10 each, in the UK they are £10 each, in the EU they are €10 each, etc.) Worldwide shipping is included in the price and there is no limit to the number of titles you may purchase as far as I can tell. I don't have information for how long this sale lasts, but I will update this post if I can find out.

The price may not reflect the sale price immediately, but if you add books to your cart and then apply the code "CYBER19PAL" from the cart, they will adjust accordingly before you check out.

Do note I am focusing on the Tolkien related titles in this post (for obvious reasons) but everything they publish is on sale.

You can see all the Tolkien related titles from this search page:

Some highlights (note that links currently go to the US version, but the site will let you set your locale once the page loads).

Dimitra Fimi, Tolkien, Race and Cultural History:

Stuart Lee & Elizabeth Solopova, The Keys of Middle-earth:

Jane Chance, Tolkien's Modern Middle Ages:

Dimitra Fimi, Celtic Myth in Contemporary Children’s Fantasy:

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Nov 25
Uh, I binned emails from "Springer Nature" (am I meant to understand who they are?) thinking they were spam. They looked like typical phishing emails for random "purchases" I made. Well, that's annoying.
Nov 25

Khamûl wrote:
Uh, I binned emails from "Springer Nature" (am I meant to understand who they are?) thinking they were spam. They looked like typical phishing emails for random "purchases" I made. Well, that's annoying.

They think you do, sad that no-one at these companies thinks to reply with an email address from the company that you bought it from 😡😡😡
Nov 25
I've now managed to check back in with Palgrave; however, it does not hold my order, just my account info like email and address.

Odd for a "bookshop", to say the least.

I have now received three invoices:

1. The first with the amount to pay (half of what I ordered.)
2. + 3. : Blank invoices at 0,00€ for ... Idk reasons?

They are funny.

And obviously totally overwhelmed by their "sale."
Nov 25
My order emails came from palgrave dot com but with a customer service email address from springer dot com. The copyright statement at the bottom says "Springer Nature".

I paid with paypal so I haven't had to deal with invoice issues.

The fine print for the sale states:
*Discount is valid for any title valued up to $150. This offer is valid only for individual customers and redeemable only on for Palgrave Scholarly available titles. The currency in which your order will be billed depends on the billing address linked to your payment method. Reference works, handbooks, and encyclopedias, as well as not-yet-published titles and titles affected by fixed book price laws, are excluded from this offer. This promotion does not work in combination with other discounts or gift cards, or with Bulk or eBulk orders. Institutions such as libraries and corporations are excluded. For institutional sales please visit

Perhaps those of you ending up on have somehow ended up with an institutional sale? Asking for an invoice perhaps?
Nov 25
Ah, the fine print. :)

The books I have received an invoice for are the POD titles only.

Maybe there's the rub, then.
Nov 25
Urulókë: I paid by PayPal too, but Springer still sent me two emails with invoices attached. At least I assume that's what they did; I binned them, as mentioned.

Olwe: Uh, don't you read my posts?! I already told you this... ;)
They're not all POD though, but the two titles I bought were; it said that under the order before I checked out.

To complicate things further, in terms of confusing customer service comparison here, I already had an account with Palgrave/Macmillan, so I'm pretty sure they don't think I'm an institute. I don't remember them being totally non-UK at that time though. Can't really remember what I bought tbh.
Dec 3
This whole thing really looks fishy to me by now

Seriously, I wanted to buy books from Palgrave and now have an _institutional account_ with I never signed up for.

Having said that, registering at Palgrave obviously meant in the fine print that this would happen. Still very odd for any bookshop/ publisher account to simply add accounts with other companies, holding/daughter/sister company whatever...

It is particularly odd when logging in with Palgrave they tell you "your email address is spam. please correct!" and you have to do that with, not Palgrave.

At least I received the Coutras, Chance/Siewers, Williamson and Vaccaro/Kisor at a massive discount so I shouldn't be complaining ;)

AND UPDATE: The coupon is no longer valid even though they said this would run through Dec 3rd.
Dec 3
Glad you got your books Olwe, and it really is silly how hard they made it for you!

My final batch of books arrived yesterday, so I am happy as well.

AND UPDATE: The coupon is no longer valid even though they said this would run through Dec 3rd.

The sale page still appears to load for me with the discount prices (as of 9 AM PT on Tuesday Dec 3):
Dec 3
Here’s my accumulation. It certainly is nice to fill holes that are usually way too expensive for private purchase! I do hope the authors are still getting the standard royalties they are supposed to.

1_5de6a758a63d9.jpeg 3024X4032 px
Dec 8
I received my two books the other week. A few points of note...

Both of mine advised at purchase that they would take a few weeks as they were POD titles. They duly arrived & had not only been printed & bound in the UK (a given for a slick international POD set-up) & had printing information to the rear but also have the date of printing i.e. the actual day "1st Decemeber 2019". Which I thought was interesting.

The eBook & the hardback have individual ISBNs, as is normal. Both are stated on the copyright page. Oddly, though, each chapter has an eBook copyright notice (I assume a normal procedure for the eBook itself) printed in the hardback i.e. they haven't even bothered removing this. Just straight up PDF > POD printer production with zero niceties.

The hardback itself is the now typical perfect-bound Pb simply glued badly into casing. A real dry-glue-cracking sound when opened. Horrible. But clearly the future in respect to eBook dominant but-we'll-print-it-for-you-if-you-insist (POD) publishing.

Wouldn't have been anywhere near these releases at original prices. Makes HC production look boutique in comparison...
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